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Thursday, May 24, 2012

HUGE shout out to my 4 ladies that took up the 4 week war against the bulge and sluggishness!!!
You know who you are!!! And if you took it on and didn't let me know about it... GOOD FOR YOU TOO!!!! If you're sore... here are some helpful hints for less pain:

1) Take stairs backwards (little something I learned after my 1st marathon)
2) Take an epsom salt bath and soak in it for at least 20min (have a bottle of gatorade to hydrate next to you)
3) Have a recovery meal/protein shake within 30/40min after your work out (it WILL help heal your muscles)

Next shout out:

THANK YOU "Wellness Revolution" in Evanston!!! For putting me back together and making me feel like I can conquer the world again!!!!

Dr.Tony Breitbach
Rachel Itano
Physical Massage Therapist

Now I can stay focused on my training for this thing we call LIFE!

I'm back!!! Yes lovely soldiers of LIFE... I have to be honest and admit my faults to you that have taken me up on my 4 week challenge.

I have not been able to get a workout in for the last couple of days and now Day#4 is here and I'm BACK baby!!!

Today I started with a little 'Turbo Fire'... Did 40 min including the AMAZING 10 min of stretching once I was dripping sweat and warmed up. I have to increase my work outs back to an hour at least... but I'm getting there. My fuel has not been how I'd like it BUT it really has not been too bad.

The half marathon is in late June and the miles HaVe to be killed up NOW! This weekend we're making the Busse loop happen!!! 8 miles!!

Had 'ThE' cocktail in the morning, a small bowl of Post Great Grains Cereal w/little bit of skim milk for breakfast pre-work out and my tasty protein shake post work out w/blueberries, oatmeal, flax seed, MochaTonix Energy powder and my Complete Greens!! Yeah!!! Lunch/Dinner WILL be a light tasty protein fo' sure and maybe a little carbs... going to run tomorrow so I have to have it in my system.

Finally... your last RECOVERY fuel idea:


Best For: Soothing muscles that are sore from high-intensity activities like CrossFit

Why it Works: According to Sims, Manuka honey, which is made from bees that feed on Manuka flowers in New Zealand, possesses anti-inflamatory properties, not to mention the carbohydrates needed to help rebuild muscle fibers. “Active Manuka honey has a high level of non-peroxide antibacterial components, unique to this type of honey,” says Sims. “It can be useful internally (for ulcers, acid reflux) and topically (for blisters, cuts, road rash). It supports the immune system, and thus boosts the acute immunosuppressant response of exercise.”

The Recipe: Stacy Sims’s Honey Stinger
It’s simple: Sims mixes the honey into non-fat Greek yogurt for a quick and easy recovery meal.

Make today GREAT!!! =)

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