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Saturday, May 12, 2012

9 year olds birthday today!!! It's ALL been about my Miranda Panda!!! No work out and not really logging the fuel... ;)

But you DO ALL need to know WHAT Isotonic means... =)

- Broken down to its roots, "iso-" means the same and "tonic" means pressure or tone. When describing solutions meant for consumption, isotonic means having the same fluid pressure as bodily fluids, i.e., the solutions of food entering the small intestine from the stomach for absorption.

The fluid pressure of solutions across semipermeable membranes, like the walls of the small intestine, is generally referred to as having a particular osmolality. It can be said that when solutions on opposite sides of a membrane have the same osmolality, they are isotonic.


Concentration refers to the amount of nutrient dissolved in solvent and is often related to the efficiency of nutrient absorption. Since Isotonix products experience little dilution in the gastrointestinal tract, they arrive in HIGHER concentration and are more EFFICIENTLY absorbed.

Take the product and change how you feel. It's that simple... You WON'T just order it once!


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