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Monday, May 14, 2012

Well... Mother's Day was a beautiful one and now... we have arrived to another Monday!
Hope everyone has prepared to make this week a good one!! Make change happen peeps!! ;)

Had my morning Isotonix cocktail and then a few cinnamon raisin slices of toast with water.
Lunch was a grilled chicken salad and water and dinner will probably be a very little pasta and grilled chicken with avocado.

No run/work out and THAT will HAVE to change!! Not liking the last three days of that!!

But For being Monday, it has been a beautiful day and I leave you all with :

Summer Body Shape-Up Tips

Get weight loss and fitness tips to help you lose weight for summer and get in shape without injuries

Before You Shape Up For Summer, Remember These Tips

10 Ways to Get More Out of Your Gym Time

If you're on a plan to shape up for summer, make sure you do it the right way. You don't want to end up sidelined with injuries just when the weather starts making the outdoors inviting, or waste your time on exercises that aren't giving you results! Here are a few ways to keep your bikini shape-up plan safe and effective.

Start off slow: Enthusiasm goes a long way when you want to start getting ready for bikini season, but your desire to get fast results can lead to overworking or straining yourself. "Hitting it so hard and obsessively that your body can't cope with the added stressor [leads to] injury," says Tim Rich, a personal training manager at Crunch gyms. A better way to begin your workout plan is to start slow and gradually ramp up when you feel ready. Instead of an "all or nothing" attitude when it comes to starting a workout, read these tips for starting on a new workout plan slowly.

5 No-Sweat Ways to Kick-Start Your Beach Body

Get your form right: It isn't always safe to assume you know what you're doing when it comes to a new workout. Make figuring out proper form a priority at the beginning, before you start speeding up your reps. Try to work out in front of a mirror so that you can be aware of what your body looks like, and make sure that you know your basics (to get started, read our tips for performing five basic strength training moves correctly here).

It's not about spot-training: Body part-focused exercises are great for toning and building muscle, but don't think they're the way to toned abs and shapely legs. While you'll definitely get stronger, a few sessions of butt-busting moves won't get you the body you want. When it comes to that bikini body, nothing beats a healthy diet plan with regular exercise.

Want to start a strength-training routine but don't know where to begin? Some of the most effective moves are the simplest or are ones that build on the basics. Here are five beginner strength-training moves you should master!

The Squat

The basic squat should be a normal part of your routine, since squats tone and strengthen your lower body: calves, quads, glutes, and hamstrings. Improper form while doing squats can lead to knee pain or other discomfort; learn how to do a squat correctly — and try different variations to work all of your body

The Lunge

If you hate squats, chances are you're not a fan of lunges, either. But don't skip out on this move! Along with working your lower body, lunges also challenge your balance and core. When you lunge, make sure that your lowered knee doesn't touch the floor and also keep the upper knee parallel with your ankle, not past it.

The Plank

The plank makes you sweat for a reason: it's a great all-over body workout that focuses on building a strong core. Common mistakes people make when in a plank position is rounding their spine or sinking in the pelvis, both of which make this move dangerous to your lower back if you aren't careful about your alignment. From classic plank to a walking dolphin plank.

The Sit-Up

A classic move from gym class, the sit-up works the abs and hip flexors through a wide range of motion. When doing sit-ups, remember not to lace your hands behind your head, which can put too much pressure on your spine and neck. Instead, place your hands behind your ears with palms facing forward, making sure your feet are planted firmly on the floor.

The Push-Up

Push-ups get your heart pumping while working your arms, back, and chest. When my trainer first showed me how to do a push-up the right way, I realized how incorrect my form had been all along. When doing a push-up, make sure your arms are aligned, your belly button is sucked in, and your hands are steady with fingers spread out.

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