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Monday, June 4, 2012

So... yes... I missed blogging yesterday... :( Sorry folks, it simply could not be helped. It was a BIG time family day!!! :)

Now... today I woke up feeling kinda' sick and with a bum foot. (I dropped a two liter of pop on the top of my arch and bruised the bones... :'( ) But it IS getting better... Just no work out today.

Took my Isotonix cocktail and have slept on and off with some chills... breakfast was the last of my latest friendship loaf with a tiny glass of fat free milk. And lunch will have to be extra light... Lol... as well as dinner... o_O

But tell me, are you all pushing through this Monday slump?! Remember lovely ladies that took on the 4 week challenge; today is the 4th and we only have to stay strong up until the 18th for THIS challenge!!! (THAT'S TWO more weeks!!) Give it all you've got... prove to yourself that 'when' you put your mind to it, you can accomplish great things!!

Have an amazing day beautiful people!!! And here are a few more of those 'great' exercise ideas that keep it simple but give you results:

5. Shoulder stabilizers (Works: rotator cuff)

What you need: light resistance tubing with a handle on one end

How to do it: Stand with your left side towards the door hinge to which you have attached the tubing. With your right arm bent at a 45-degree angle next to your side (your elbow is at your hip and your forearm is parallel to the ground in a handshake), grasp the handle of the tubing with your right hand and rotate your arm at the elbow, pulling the tubing out towards the right side (without pulling your upper arm away from your body), keeping your arm bent, like a door opening on a hinge.

Next, stand with your right side towards the door hinge. With your right arm bent at a 45-degree angle next to your side, grasp the handle of the tubing with your right hand and rotate your arm at the elbow, pulling the handle in towards the center of your body. Repeat 12 times on each side.

Why you need it: This helps strengthen the rotator cuffs—the muscles that keep your shoulders in their sockets, which often tear with age. People over the age of 60 experience rotator cuff injuries more than any other age group, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Published May 2012, Prevention

Updated May 2012

6. Jackknife (Works: core, chest, shoulders, abs)

What you need: an inflatable fitness ball, 55 to 65 cm

How to do it: Kneel in front of the ball and roll out over top of it, walking on your hands, until you're in a push-up position with the ball under the shins/ankles. Keep your body straight, back flat and abs engaged. Squeeze your abs and lift your hips up towards the ceiling, rolling your feet onto the top of the ball; keep your legs straight. You’ll be in an inverted V shape. Slowly return to starting position and repeat for 10 to 15 reps.

Why you need it: This move works the entire body, strengthening the abs, obliques, core, back, and hips, and is also cardiovascular, says Volkmer.

Published May 2012, Prevention

Updated May 2012

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