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Monday, January 9, 2012

ALRIGHT peeps!!! Now to try to cover the basics...

If you have been going to the gym for a month straight and you just seem to be spinning your wheels with the whole weight loss thing.... Here is what I have learned by experience:

1) Drop the dairy. A very good personal trainer taught me that. (Make sure that you get your calcium in an alternate fashion!)

2) Work out @ least 4 times a week for good weight loss. (You should try to rest the muscles used the day before, by alternating Lower-Body/Cardio/ Lower Body.) If you're real serious about creating change... it should be more like 6 days.

3) Eat food for FUEL. Look up a chart and mix and match what you like. Get creative. Eat SIX small portion meals a day. (If you need a chart... let me know, and I can help you out.)

4) Hydrate by drinking 8 - 10 8oz. servings of water throughout the day. Your body needs to be hydrated to perform the way that you want it to.

5) Get used to grazing on the right things in small portions. (ex. trail mix, almonds, celery w/lite peanut butter or little fruits.) A lot of fruits are high in sugar so make smart choices... Veggies are pretty safe but keep in mind that there has to be moderation, specially with the high starches like potatoes!

6) If you are going to cheat... it's alright. Make it alright to keep it from becoming a BINGE. So, in essence... cheat on the diet in moderation. (1 to 3 times a week should keep you rolling in the right direction, NO more than 4 times a week!! This INCLUDES alcohol consumption.)

Now, you should ALWAYS check with your doctor before beginning ANY exercise/diet regimen. AND depending on how serious you are about your health and/or your fitness; you are going to have to find the exercise routine that fits YOUR specific needs. Starting out slower than not is best if you haven't been physically active. (If you are having trouble finding the right fitness plan... let me know and we can come up with one together.)

And finally, know from the start that changing your eating habits or the way that you think about food will NOT in any way be easy for most people! It has to be something that you have to understand and come to terms with. You HAVE to be ready and willing to work at making change happen.

Bottom line, anyone can do it! I am doing it and I'm in NO way shape or form a 'Jillian Michaels'!! I am proud of that and of being a regular person that just happened to carry and birth 6 children within 20 years that caused a 50/60lb weight gain EvErY time.

So, if you're serious about getting on with your new life... I am willing to help you stay motivated every step of the way.

Connie Lopez


Ms. Chapis said...

I'm here ;)

Connie said...

What do you think??? What's your plan now that you're better? Do you have a date that you want to give it a go?

Cristy said...

well...i took a small break. maybe not that small,...3 weeks. eeeek! but Im back at the gym and am excited to get back on track!
today i had a peanut butter n jelly sandwhich n yogurt for breakfast, a turkey sandwhich n fruit for lunch and some beans for dinner. i know my carb intake is too high but i cant find balance between on the go meals n nutrition. im usually big on having cereal for dinner...so should i stop that with the no dairy thing? does that include coffee?? eeek, this is gonna be difficult. if you have any charts. cheat sheets, magic potions, i'd love any help ;)

Connie said...

Cristy... First of all, you are doing great being so well aware of what you eat! And on top of it... You are hitting the gym pretty well!! Nice!! As for the diet part... The biggest change would be giving up your milk and yogurt. I agree, it is hard at first but the changes in weight when you do it is extreme! Maybe have the occasional bowl of cereal like once a week...

Turkey sandwich is good too but watch the mayo intake. And try to make it whole wheat bread.

Coffee is fine but if your serious about weight loss... You've got to curb your sugar. Otherwise, all the work at the gym is just taking up your time. And remember, no cream. ;)

Snacks are easier than you think... Trailmix here and there... A couple slices of lean ham with whole wheat bread and maybe a half of an avocado will make for a Great extra meal or snack! I can email you the chart if you message me your email on fb.

And... Finally, as for your working out regimen... It might help you to work on some strengthening with upper body/lower body hand weight routines. This has been known to really help in maximizing weight loss according to a lot of my reading and it did work for me.

Also... When you work out make sure to Break thru and max out in your sets or routines. Try not to always stay level in difficulty. This is a 'Body for Life' lesson as is the strength training with weights. If you need a better explanation on this... Let me know. :)

Keep it up Cristy... Never give up trying to be the best that you can be.

Cristy said...

Thanks Connie!
The no cream in the coffee will probably be the hardest part but I'm gonna give it a shot. Have you cut off caffeine all together? The trainer I work with is a big believer in interval training & muscle confusion so I'm good there but your right in that some more strength training would be beneficial. Thanks for the support. Today will be day 2... Wish me luck ;)

Darlene said...

You'll also find that when you change your eating habits for the better, that the next time you cheat big (like a burger and fries) you won't feel good and your energy level will drop. The good news is it discourages you from eating junk.

Connie said...

Like Darlene said... muscle confusion is great. Good to hear that you're working with atrainer Cristy, ThAt will be very helpful to any goal that you trying to acheive! As a matter of fact, what are your goals Cristy?

So right you are Darlene... I found that too. And when I've cheated, I don't eat all of the Chipotle Veggie burrito bowl or all the fries that come with the burger. Being aware of your eating habits can also have you choosing better items on any menu. It all boils down to healthier habits for a more energized life and a healthier YOU!! I am happy to be in this together ladies!!! Thank you for making the time to be part of this little movement. =)