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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Good morning bloggers!!!

Are we off to an amazing day?

Sure do hope so... doesn't mean that everything is perfect. Doesn't mean that we have it all figured out. It doesn't even mean that we are actually in a good mood. Lol

All it really means is, are we off to giving this day/coming week a chance?!

House may be a mess, relationships may need to have a talk, bank account may not have much in it;
BUT are you willing to check yourself and try and get yourself in the right frame of mind to put some positive energy out into our Universe???

Believe in it!!! Dwell in your problems and you will 'live' in them forever.
Stay/get positive and you will prevail!! Perfection or your idea of it is not realistic. It doesn't just exist. You have to MAKE YOUR perfection! I don't have everything that I want but I try and focus on what I do have and be grateful for it.
Many times people that I share a cup of coffee with express that I look like I have everything and that my life is perfect. IT IS FAR... VERY FAR FROM PERFECT. I DO NOT HAVE EVERYTHING THAT I DESIRE or feel that I /my family needs.  I AM JUST AS STRESSED AS THE NEXT PERSON TRYING TO FIND 'MY' HAPPY. ...I just live everyday TO BE HAPPY, no matter what the cards may hold on that given day. The difference is learning to accept what we have and how we live from one day to the next without having IT ALL. Give without expecting to receive. Smile at a stranger without a reason.

I guess I take it on as a challenge... hahaha. (refer to previous post)


In no way am I telling you to live in any sort of denial. If things aren't right, strive to make a plan and implement it to make them right. ONE STEP AT A TIME. 

Believe that you are a gift...
Know that you make a difference...
Feel appreciated...

...to someone out there, by someone who's life you are a part of. (Might not be the person that you are focusing on getting all of the above from who may be in front of your face. Might just be someone that you touch without even knowing it. Look around you. You mean the World to someone for sure because we are all on the Earth for a reason. Even when we just may not see it. )

Happy Sunday!!!  =)

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