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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Reality likes to bring us down...

Last night, I heard a colleague had to get a strong radiation treatment and not be near anyone for a whole week. I heard a story on The Voice about two out of three siblings being very ill and having lifetime battles to fight. I saw acts of violence on the news and I keep re-posting 'missing children's' posts on Facebook.

My heart literally felt crushed. We take so very much for granted on a daily basis. 

Today, I met with a prospect for a second time and held her as she wept because of loosing her mother recently. (She is searching for a way to mourn)... And I can only hope that I helped to set her on that path to healing. 

I have felt crushed for so many of my fellow brothers and sisters in this Nation recently; that I do more on a daily basis in their honor.

Their strengths at getting through such true and unbearable hurdles... THAT fuels my desire to do all that I can do (while I still can). Our days are numbered and I just want to be able to look back and KNOW that I didn't waste my time while I could, I DID!  For better health, for strength, for giving My Creator ALL of the Glory in Thanks as I take on challenges... 

And when it's my turn to ride the waves, I can only hope to take them head on, head held high, get knocked down and find the strength to get up again. Thank you to all who are true heroes and teach us that succeeding and knowing how to truly live is to take each day at a time and only do what you can. To eventually come out on top.... :')

I have had a miscellaneous pain on my neck/head/under the ear area since Sunday night...  I can't seem to get to the bottom of it but just going to take it one day at a damn time. Meanwhile, I just have the urge to keep on going and not let it stop me. (probably, stress induced anyway)

Actually got that 5k in for my October challenge and didn't have to end up on all fours to stop the World from spinning. Lol!  Let's see what tomorrow brings. 

Good Night bloggers

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