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Monday, September 30, 2013

October holds a new challenge...

Reading is truly inspiring to me. That damn 'Competitor' magazine has me straight trippin'!!!! Lol

I found an Incredible quote by Jenny Simpson -two time U.S. Olympian & 2011 world champion in the 1,500-meter run:
"I sometimes hear people say they don't like running, but I think most people are never in good enough shape to really enjoy running. If you try to run consistently 30 days in a row - give our take no more than 3/4 Sundays off during that span - there is something special that happens and all of a sudden you start feeling good and really enjoying it. But if you only run once or twice a week and are taking several days off, you're always fighting getting in shape."

Hummm... Tomorrow is Oct 1st. There are 31 days in this upcoming month and I have not worked out in 2 WHOLE weeks. :(
YES, yes... Life got in the way again! I haven't gained any weight because I'm pretty much eating clean. In fact, I've lost about 5lbs in muscle... :( 

Great thing that my daughter did by getting me into reading again. :D Because of YOU my dear, I will get stronger, healthier and happier this month. (Thank you...<3 )

So what will YOU do for 31 days??? 
Drink more water, eat out less, eat more veggies or work out 6 days a week (at least 15 mins a day to get that heart rate up)??? 

Get motivated to come up with a challenge this month all your own and become a better person, a healthier one, a stronger one and/or a happier one by carrying it out... 

Come on, you can NEVER get too much 
Monday Motivation!!! ;)

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