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Saturday, September 28, 2013

It's all about the cookies...

Saturday night... And the inspiration to blog ignites!

Thank you dear 22 year old daughter of mine! 

She left me a magazine that I had never heard of on the mantel on her last visit... 

There was an article there that she thought I might enjoy. I took the time to read it now and found that she was quite right. Lol

The big topic in the article well let me just quote it, "Must everything be a competition with you?"

I love it!!! The answer to that was simply, "yes- completely, thoroughly and emphatically YES."

And it got me to thinking... Is that wrong?!?! I mean, I've always been a competitor and have grown up now to still compete with MYSELF a lot. Was my life of competitive sports a good thing or a bad thing?! 

You ask yourself that. Is it bad to want to look and feel healthier? Is it vain to need to be comfortable and confidant in your own skin?

I get it... Maybe I do take it too damn far. I have become VERY difficult to please. Ha!! 

But really...
I thrive in trying new things, expecting more from myself and finding ways to expand my Will power. 

Not paying and signing up for a single running event this past year, not buying pool passes this past summer, not needing to upkeep my dark hair color, not eating anything that wasn't put on this Earth by God are amoung the few challenges that I have taken on this year. 

Amoung the last ones have been the rhino challenge to go 365 days without 'yelling' at my kids and the getting $ in the door without leaving my home to work at making someone else rich. 
Been doing pretty good with those. (I'm big on discipline so there has been some 'raising' my voice going on and I think maybe dropping the ball about 3 times with a yell caught half way in about 3 wks of the challenge and tapered down)
SEE?!?! already bettering me as a mom and a person. Cursing is going to have to be a challenge that I really prepare mentally for. I love my bad words... Smh... O_o
And I'm already bringing in an average part time salary a month being my own boss. :)

So in essence, I agree with the article. Striving to become better, do more, be stronger, be faster is a positive way to live. I believe that we SHOULD constantly play a game of proving to ourselves, (and others) that we can do something, even if we don't necessarily 'believe' it at first ourselves. (LIKE CROSSFITTING AT AGE 41 after SIX KIDS) o_O

It's not a bad thing. No matter what others may think or say. "Whether on the track, in the kitchen or just within our brain, competition forces us out of our comfort zone, into the unknown where the magic happens. When a victory finally does occur, well, it's pretty sweet. Tastes like cookies, as a matter of fact." 

Just a different kind if cookie one that NO MONEY can buy and NO ONE can ever belittle or take away.  :')

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