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The way I see it, the time is NOW... for change to come & happiness, health & strength to be found. As of 2012, this has only changed in the way that I have stumbled upon an amazing at home business venture that has given me the avenue to ACTUALLY help transform peoples lives. Funny thing is, that's been my goal all along. So now I not only share who I am here but what I do. The fact is that anyone of you can actually find your happiness & success thru allowing the right connections to occur in your life. If you are on my blog... you made it here because you are looking to shift, strive, smile &/or change. Well now, I can help guide you to do any & all of the above thru personal motivation, life changing products with an outstanding reputation & LONG list of testimonials, substantial savings with our shopping annuity & incredible business opportunities to actually call your own... While never having to leave the security of your current J O B! Never be afraid to give something you know nothing about a chance; at least to hear about it. Then you can make an educated decision to pass it up not an ignorant one. The opportunities exist.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Had that cocktail... then a little egg/ham/cheese/potato muffin w/hash-browns and a tiny glass of skim milk for breakfast. Shared a 'watchamacallit' chocolate bar with my 4 year old... and then had my protein shake with complete greens and energy Mochatonix! For dinner had 2 small homemade subs and snacked on two small slices of raisin bread w/spread. Mmmm!

Turbo Fire is very awkward but it makes me sweat!! And I LOVE the stretch 10!!

Hope you are ALL making it thru with some cardio!!! And remember... we don't have that long to the 18 of JUNE!!! Make every workout session your best! And keep working at staying away from the Not God made fuel!!! Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!!!

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How to Create the Best Workout

It's easy to get comfortable with a tried-and-true workout routine. But if it's results you want, you'll need to shake things up occasionally. "Changing your routine around every 4 to 6 weeks keeps muscles challenged so you continue to see results," says Tom Holland, MS, CSCS, author of Beat the Gym (William Morrow, 2011). Swap out your regular exercises with these moves to get more bang for your workout buck. Start with 2 sets and work up to 3 when it feels easy.

1. One-arm pull down (Works: back and biceps)

What you need: medium to heavy resistance tubing with a handle on one end

How to do it: Attach the end of exercise tubing high up on the door hinge above your head. Stand in a semi-lunge (for balance) with one foot about six inches in front and to the side of the other, knees slightly bent, and pull the handle straight down with one arm; pause and slowly return to starting position. Do 12 to 15 reps on each side.

Why you need it: A traditional rowing exercise using both arms at once allows the dominant side to take over, which can lead to injury, says Holland. This move strengthens muscles equally on each side of the spine, which reduces the risk of low-back pain.


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