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Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Monday to all!!! A special shout out to some women that I know and love who are either steady and strong with their routines or starting new ones to implement change in their lives!!!
Raquel, Claudia U., Olivia, Darlene, Cristyna, Maggie, Beth, Claudia M., Sonya, Dora, Lynn, Heather G., Heather D. and any and everyone else that is realizing that YOU are worth all of the extra time and effort!!!! And you men too... YOU know who I'm talking about!!! David, David Jr., Francisco, Irish, Alfredo, Noe, Jay and any other man that has made a turn for the better with health and fitness!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!

BiG Congrats for taking the steps that you have in making your body the best that it can be!!! I am so proud to witness happiness through perseverance!!!

Now... today's fuel...
Breakfast was more like BrunCh... 2 egg whites, 1 yolk and some beans. Lunch was my protein shake after my work out w/my vitamin. No idea what simple dinner I will have later, but I know that I AM going to have some??? Yes folks trail mix for a snack!!! ;)

Got back on the ball with Insanity Day #22 work out that WAS supposed to be Pure Cardio AND Cardio abs. Ha!!! Didn't happen... Just got through the PuRe Cardio stopping for the last 15 seconds of the frog jump, skipped the last set of the level2 drills and did NONE of the push up jacks. Head was pounding and ears were a poppin'. :/

After that kick ass work out... I did some yoga & poses...
1)Eagle (30 sec. on ea. side)
2)Mountain (1 full min) ...couldn't stand there doing nothing for much longer(gotta' work on that... lol)
3)Standing side stretch (30 sec. ea. side)
4)Lotus (MODIFIED!) (30 sec. w/ea. foot on opposite leg)
5)WarriorIII (30 sec. ea. side)
6)Tree (1 full min. ea. side)
7)Standing forward fold (30 sec)
8)Dancer (20 sec. ea. side)

I HaVe to work on my stress levels!!!

Tomorrow will hopefully be another Insanity work out AnD a run!!!! Only time will tell... ha!


oli said...

Ok now do you see me??? Lol!!! You have got to show me how this log thing works girl, am I suppose to log my stuff in too??? I created my big too and I'm nit sure I was supposed to do that...hmmmm ok well let me know!! Today was good only got a half hour off circuit training in this evening, kind of a slow start this week for me the weekends took a lot out of me and I'm slowly creeping back up to speed again:))

Connie said...

I see you!!!!
Good for you getting back into it!!! You break those barriers??? And log your fuel intake??? How about that water... make sure you hit that water!! And, no, I don't think that you were supposed to create your own blog... Lol... But you're here Now and that's what matters!!! We can utilize the blog, any way that we want to. So lets just see how it goes... Now that I know that you're on, I will be logging on more often than once a day. ;) Have a restful night mujer and an amazing hump day tomorrow. xoxo