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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Morning lovely people!!!! What was YOUR strong today??? =)

I got out for a light kick butt 2 mile run!! First mile was a 9.15 average and mile 2 was 8.45 average... Not too bad after that defeating run yesterday. Today, I jump on the ab coaster and start fine tuning what's left. ;) If I can muster it, I will also be trying to hit an Insanity routine. Cause THAT's what I want MY strong to be!

Before the run I had a kellogg's special k fruit crisps pack w/water. (Had to cheat on the lent thing... those were NoT made by God) :(
Post run I had a protein shake and my vitamin.

Later today, I will comment w/what I DiD get to doing and lunch, dinner and snack. ;)


Connie said...

Well, had a pear and then a plain baked potato as a snack. Red rice and ground beef for lunch and loads of water... Now thai chicken wraps at the 'CheeseCake Factory!!!' =D

Oh and I was able to do four sets of 25 on the ab coaster... Yeah!!! I'm feelin' pretty good... Good night to all and plan for an outstanding day tomorrow! ... and it will be so. ;)

oli said...

Hello there hun!!! Hope your friday was great!! I had a very good day today
Breakfast was a handful of cajun trail mix later two bananas and almonds...lunch was tuna cause today us friday.....workout was good hit the gym four 45 minutes and then had a protein shake and some some pineapple,

Connie said...

Nice Oli!!! Did your cajun trail mix have a mixture of raw nuts or dry fruit? Cause that is the kind of trail mix that gives you energy... As for having it for breakfast... Gotta' work on that sweetie. You need something more substantial to get your motor running in the mornings. ;)
Nice snack w/the bananas and almonds!! Lunch was very good too! Specially if it was in it's most natural form w/out mayo, dressing or bread or crackers. Maybe with some lime and avocado!!

And... Protein shak!!??!! Did I read, protein shake??!!??!! Nice alteration lady! How did you like your recipe? Did you curb hunger through the night??? What was your rating by the end of your work out??? Can't wait to see what you tell me tomorrow!!! Talk soon...