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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not so Happy Tuesday... Lol... My fuel for the day has really stunk big time!!

Had an apple for breakfast and 5 animal crackers w/peanut butter and a small glass of milk w/my vitamin before a run. Post run I had a protein shake and 3 1/2 large pretzel sticks. Then my snack was 5 snap peas and another helping of water (third one of the day) Dinner will be some ground beef with potatoes and red rice.

Ran 3.63 miles and almost past out cause of the bad fueling. My body is pretty sore from starting up with the Insanity yesterday and also starting up with the running. Almost want to describe the feeling as 'defeated'! I hope that tomorrow brings with it more energy and strength. as I will be fueling better, cause this feeling is for the birds!

Just keep swimming... just keep swimming...


Quelli said...

You choose what you define as having made you "defeated." Did you get out there? Did you improve your distance run? Are you looking to saddle back up tomorrow?

--I fail to see where defeat has played a role in any of those answers.

You have things to improve on as far as fueling is concerned; good-there's only one way to be able to get better to reach higher goals. Chin up; n keep pushing forward, momma...

Connie said...

Quel, I know you aren't on here that often, but when you are. You make such an impact on me!!! Thank you for being out there with me for all the runs... you are doing a great job getting back into the swing of things too.

So, chin-up now!! And tomorrow I hit the insanity again and some yoga. Want to join me for a little 2 miler??? :D