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Friday, October 11, 2013

Was it a Fail or a Success in disguise?!

Yeah only the 10th of October yesterday and I already 'couldn't' fit my run in. :/

Grant it, the original goal was to 'just get out' and run 29-31 days this month. (But I took it to the next level and made it 'Daily 5k's') o_O ...I don't know why I do that to myself. I just do.

So today, I was lucky enough to get 4.2 miles in... :D Yup, so tomorrow we add another mile and 1 mile on Sunday; that'll make up for the missed 5k. ;)

Now let's dissect this. Was it an actual Fail?!?! Or was it simply an opportunity to excel (above and beyond expectation)? 

Truth is, I choose to believe the ladder.

That's your choice my beautiful bloggers. Your perception and attitude will determine your success in all that you do.

Big or small things... :)

Let's make adjustments and make the weekend the start of an amazing LiFe!!

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