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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

That priceless moment when you realize that you are living your dream...

In our biz, we have trainings, seminars, business plan meetings and corings and yesterday, I attended a business plan meeting PURELY to satisfy my BIGGEST supporter, my 15yr old son. His Entrepreneurial self was seeking more info to build his dreams on. Then, as if that wasn't enough, he actually brought a prospect. o_O
(So damn proud of him... For 'sharing' his passion and our gift that we have stumbled upon.) 

I didn't think much of it. Figured, I have to make it to more of these and brush up on the plan that holds my families future. (And rub elbows with some pretty incredibly beautiful people)

Out of no where at the end of the meeting, it happened! 

I was one of the successful people standing in the front of the room because of where our biz is. Not just for a 'Pin Level' but for REAL commissions earned on my time, efforts and love for what I can do for others. I've done it!!! I have built the foundation to our UnFranchise to grow BiG & StronG in the next few years. 

And no employer is reaping all the benefits for what I do; my family is.

And who better to have in the crowd applauding my efforts than my son who has never doubted our business or my efforts?! 

It was an incredible feeling. It completely took me by surprise! I didn't quite realize where I 'actually' stood HERE AND NOW...
until that moment that I was up there and I looked at the pride in my son's face. 

Absolutely priceless.

It HAD to be shared folks. Because sometimes, amazing things just happen due to all of your efforts and day to day activities and way of life. 

...you just have to be willing and open to catching the view.
Wrap up your day today finding the beauty in it and you can't go wrong my fellow bloggers!

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Connie said...


I forgot to post for those of you helping to keep me accountable;

Got my 5k in for the day AND went to the CrossFit gym to get in a little strength training.

Feeling unstoppable! :O

Movement keeps you healthy and strong!