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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

These shoes never let me down

I've had these shoes what feels like 'forever'. I try not to splurge on my hobbies. But today I am grateful that they got me thru this snow filled and icy run. No slips. No falls. Even endured some 'high knees' to get thru some snow banks.

It wasn't long. ...only 2 miles but it is my first work out in about two or three months again. 
Now, I only share this with you to prove to you that we are ALL fighting our own battles against weight loss and/or a healthier lifestyle. (all the time. on and off again.) However, the secret is to never give up. 

At some point all the excuses that you can come up with just don't matter. If you really want change, if you truly believe that you are worth it; then it's the most realistic possibility that you CAN achieve it.
Just NEVER GIVE UP. Never think that anyone else has it easier. Grab a hold of some positive and motivational people and get going!! ...if that's what it takes.

Today, I thank my Facebook family. Every post about your efforts in staying on track has helped to get me off the pitty sideline of excuses.
For that, I thank you.
Now make a plan. Set a goal. And get off the sideline of life.

Happy 14th of January!!

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