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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Did you know that Lemons and Limes are good to add to your diet?

The common thought was that Lemons are good for you and Limes are just acidic flavoring that is just no good for your teeth. ...at least that is the old wives tale that I had heard. 

While looking into an avenue for a healthier living alternative in the kitchen, I ran into a beautiful person willing to share her nutritional back round in general. 

Go figure. I stumble into the most amazing people in the most unexpected moments in my life. (Just have to be grateful) 

I was learning about Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oils and deliciously aged Balsamic Vinegars and in came the topic of lemons and limes. Yep, had to come home to do a little research for you guys and put the story to rest that Limes are just acidic.

Thank you Kathy!!!

Turns out that eating BOTH instead of one or the other is probably a good idea.
However, one may be slightly better for you, depending on your nutritional needs or goals.

They are both low in calories and fiber.

Lemons are lower in carbohydrates, have a slight protein advantage, contain more magnesium & potassium and are higher in vitamin C & folate ; Limes have more calcium & phosphorus, are a better source of vitamins A & E and are slightly lower in fat. 

My personal conclusion, both of our sour friends are beneficial to consume and help to add variation to your pallet. So lets try not fear the Lime when it comes to making nutritional decisions.

Happy picking!! 

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