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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Already in May... And with this amazing home based business, I just can't seem to kick myself into gear. I want to strengthen my body and really know, once and for all if I can achieve the IMPOSSIBLE!!! ...yes, a descent mid section at the age of 40 after  six pregnancies that had me with a 50 to 60 lbs weight gain EVERY time...

I know, I am/was much to blame for that awful weight gain... but truth is, (more like, truth(s) were),
1) I blew up like a balloon after the very first month of carrying.
2) My appetite and love, yes love for food increased 1,000%
3) And as much as I thrive on living an active lifestyle, my body would not allow for ANY strenuous activity. (I don't get why, but no matter my age, no matter the sex of each of my babies, I would try to keep up with jogging, swimming, cycling or some strength building yoga and my body would crucify me!)
GREAT recipe for a whopping 50 to 60 lb weight gain for 9 MONTHS at a time in 89', 91', 96', 98' 03' & 08'!!! (Incredible to me that this ACTUALLY happened) Lol

So now, with our 'baby' at 5 years old and my mid life crisis years upon me, it's time to take the life by the horns!! Why? I don't know, because I CAN?!?!

There are so many people out there that wish that they could be more active but have debilitating issues that keep them from being able to live physically active lives. Hell, who knows what life has in store for ME! I don't know what the future holds and the fact is, I don't want to take a single day of my blessings for granted.

I am healthy and at the lowest weight since high school right now. The secret... MORE THAN loving to work out... (Because I have only done that about 5/6 times total this year) O_o


I have lost inches and cloths sizes that I didn't even mean to lose. (From the first of this year to now)
The whole reason for my making the change to eating clean was to do it along side my husband this year that he has chosen to finally commit to living better!!!

He has lost over 35 lbs... he has COMPLETELY cleansed his pallet and changed his eating habits, he is NEVER starving & has also been committed to nurturing his body from the inside out!

HAS HE WORKED OUT???? Yes... not everyday. He has not done Insanity, PX anything or even killed himself at any weights or gym outings.

He has simply changed his outlook on things and eats smart. Now he always takes the stairs, is always moving, plays basketball with the kids here and there and occasionally gets a kettle bell work out in when his work schedule isn't kicking his butt! (Which isn't too often)
And now that the weather is working to our favor a little, I am looking forward to some softball, tennis, cycling & evening walks with our crew...

So ONLY more good things can happen!

Well, let's wrap this up 'eh.

I completed a circuit work out that lasted 10 minutes on Tuesday.
Today I got out for a little 2 miler.
And I am enlisting my boys to schedule a core/cardio/strength work out for everyday!
(Starting tomorrow! Cause all three of them now are rocking a six pack) 

THIS IS MY 'realistic' 60 (possibly 90 day) challenge! ((((AGAIN...))))

"Let's see WHAT  I accomplish before MY next mid life crisis b-day in August?!  Ha!!!

I encourage YOU to come up with a challenge of your own... Make a change bloggers, you will NEVER regret trying!

*Kick the cigarette habit
*Kick the sugary drink habit
*Increase veggies & fruits to fill up more on
*Make the time to get ANY KIND of work
  out in EVERY DAY for 30 days (Try just
*START taking supplements to nurture from
*Drink 8 glasses of water every day
*Sleep 1 extra hour a night for a month!

These are JUST ideas... to help you live well.
Take them and make them your own. Let's get
to summer feeling AMAZING from the inside OUT!!

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