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The way I see it, the time is NOW... for change to come & happiness, health & strength to be found. As of 2012, this has only changed in the way that I have stumbled upon an amazing at home business venture that has given me the avenue to ACTUALLY help transform peoples lives. Funny thing is, that's been my goal all along. So now I not only share who I am here but what I do. The fact is that anyone of you can actually find your happiness & success thru allowing the right connections to occur in your life. If you are on my blog... you made it here because you are looking to shift, strive, smile &/or change. Well now, I can help guide you to do any & all of the above thru personal motivation, life changing products with an outstanding reputation & LONG list of testimonials, substantial savings with our shopping annuity & incredible business opportunities to actually call your own... While never having to leave the security of your current J O B! Never be afraid to give something you know nothing about a chance; at least to hear about it. Then you can make an educated decision to pass it up not an ignorant one. The opportunities exist.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Taking Back Mondays and a whole lot more!

Here we are again... Wishing I had kept up better with this passion that I've had for quite a few years now. ...this blog.
I started it in hopes that it would enlighten people all over the World that losing weight & getting healthy is NOT impossible. No matter who you are! I being the perfect example of that with the whole 40yrs old thing, having carried six children and gained 50/60lbs EVERY time.

Thing is, keeping up with it is always a little time consuming and people always ask, "Why do you bother?!" But the answer is a simple one. Why not?! If we have something to share in this lifetime, what good is it if we take it to our grave without exposing it and sharing it with all who are willing to listen?

Then, our lives took a turn last year and we fell upon our home based business that allows for us to do just that. Share what we know and are passionate about, help others on a whole new scale and make a living off of it.

Well, it is true what they say; "In helping others, is when we can truly help ourselves."

A year and a whole month later... We have changed countless lives and one in particular that is near and dear to my heart, my husband's.

Since the beginning of this year, he has lost about 35lbs now. He has changed his eating habits ENTIRELY and his out look on life in general. I am so very proud of him and all of his achievements so far. He has a new sparkle in his eye. His cloths are all incredibly loose and he has the energy of a 30 something. :')

I believe that in trying to live up to our Faith in life, our Positivity is bouncing right back onto us... We have a long way to go. We have a lot more people to reach out to and a lot more growing to do as a company. But we are definitely on the right road. And the sky is simply the limit.

With ALL that being said, we hope that you get off to an amazing week today and feel the positive energy in your day! And remember, just one small change at a time can be the foundation of a whole new you... :)

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