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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Greatness is not just known... It's shared by wonderful people!

This photo was shared on my fb page by a friend... I told her that even though the status was in another language, I loved the simplicity of the beautiful picture and I had to share it.
She then messaged me with the translation:

One glass of water before a shower helps to keep your blood pressure stable.
One glass before going to bed helps you to not have a heart attack.
One before your meals will help your body break down the food easier.

I thought it was neat to give yourselves reason to hydrate throughout the day. Those from above give you 5 servings a day. Now I add...

One glass before you start on your phone for the day.

One glass before you leave your house for the day.

And finally, one glass when you walk into your home safely from your day.

THAT my bloggers, will give you 8!!

Just a thought to encourage you to be kind to your body with the addition or increase of this wonderful gift on Earth to help you live well.

Happy Hump Day!

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