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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Got out for a little 3 mile run and it went fantastic! Pushed a stroller with my 4yr old in it and it was in the middle of the days heat but sub 10 min. miles! Very pleased... can't wait to go out again real soon.

Had my protein shake for lunch and pinto beans and rice for dinner w/lots of water. Definitely going to hit my trail mix too in a bit... Lol...

Hope that you enjoy this latest article: =)

Bioidentical Hormone Physicians Report 2012 Food Trends

Balanced hormones with the help of nutrition and fitness are IN! As 2012 unfolds, so do trends in popular culture, fashion, and yes even, natural bioidentical hormones and food! Ageology reported the trend in bioidentical hormone therapy and now comes food trends.

Last year, gluten-free was all the rage, and consumers couldn’t walk into Whole Foods without seeing or hearing about “overnight oats” and “ancient grains”. So what’s hot for 2012? FitSugar and Ageology weigh in on the food trends and nutritional benefits you need to know about:

Coconut Milk: This dairy-free, gluten-free alternative is looking better and better with recent studies calling thebenefits of soy into question. It contains many vitamins and minerals, not to mention electrolytes. If you’re looking to ease into coconut milk, try it in a smoothie, over cereal, in coffee, or if you’re ready to make the jump, try it on its own. You might just be surprised to find coconut milk on the shelves of your local grocery store.

Blended Vegetable and Fruit Smoothies: Juicing is a great way to get the vitamins and nutrients that the body needs. Many studies touch on the essential need for more fruits and vegetables (often recommending up to 12-15 fruits and vegetables per day). Our Ageology anti-aging physicians recommend leaving the fiber in the mix! Fiber is known to decrease heart disease, colon cancer, constipation and increases weight loss! A Vita-mix blender off of your favorite e-Bay site or the Ninja 1100 will pulverize those fruits and vegetables leaving a smooth, healthy, vitamin-packed sweet refreshing drink to get your energy going and your health underway.

Chia Seed: Flax was so 2011, this year it’s all about the chia seed! Yes, we’re talking about the same little seeds used to grow chia pets. The benefits of chia seeds might surprise you. This little superfood is high in protein, fiber, calcium, antioxidants and omega-3s. Not to mention they’re easily digestible and provide a great boost of energy. Chia seeds are a tasty topping for yogurt or salad. You can even pop them into muffins or even pancake mix.

Dr. Oz and Oprah agree, naming Chia seeds as the top 5 supplements you need to have in your cabinet. He recommends Chia Seeds for weight reduction, especially after our metabolism begins to slow. He recommends taking 15 grams per day of chia seeds as a fiber source, grains and omega 3.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is not the sole silver bullet to healthy aging, it starts with balanced nutrition, fitness and hormones.

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