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Friday, December 9, 2011

So... A couple things today

If any one should need or want the formula to figure out what your Daily Caloric Need is to Lose OR Gain Weight... Just let me know... I got it out of the program info for Women and Men alike.

And... I am a bit embarrassed to say... that in the eagerness to begin the Insanity program... I failed to do all of my homework on it first and just jumped into the disk that I had acquired... without checking the given schedule. I printed it! But I just assumed that it was in the same order on the disk. :(

Now here I found myself... EIGHT days into the program and not knowing what to do for today and tomorrow. Final decision: I went ahead and did one of the tougher first work outs,(Day#2 Plyometric Cardio Circuit) I HaVe been missing my running as well. So, Tomorrow and Sunday are going to be a kick back into running weekend. Then I will begin the Iprogram all over again on Monday.

This time around however, I may just be more relaxed about the program part and alternate the kick ass routines with running. We'll have to see where that gets me.

Any thoughts??? Still have time to reconsider the whole thing... :/

Todays work out notes... Made it through 35 min this time... took longer breaks here and there.
Ears poppin', head throbbing and felt bit unstable by the basketball drills. I was able to cut and paste the rest of the routine according to how I felt. But got through it...
Diet Notes... Special K for breakfast, protein shake for lunch with my vitamins and pasta and chicken parmesan for dinner. About the usual 6 servings of water too.


Darlene said...

I'm just wondering if you've scheduled in a day of rest for yourself?

Connie said...

Very good point Ms. Darlene! Ahhh... NO. Not this weekend. I will in the up coming weeks though.... I had taken three or four days off in the last two weeks and was supposed to have only taken 2 off. So, this is a relaxing weekend of running. Today was 3 miles and tomorrow, we shall see what my energy level will allow. :)
You know that taking time off of working out is NeVeR a problem... Lol...

Connie said...

Darlene... I had to tell you, the plan WAS to run on Sunday too but it didn't happen. And thank GoD! I had an amazing day on Monday because of it I bet... Thanks for planting just the right seed. I do hope that you are still kicking ass and staying strong LaDy!!! :)