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Monday, December 5, 2011

Said and done... Day #6 is out of the way. Cardio Abs!!! I'm not going to lie... I was a little scared. Turns out... with some modifications on some of the moves... I got through the whole routine and almost felt that I needed more. I did however get a good sweat on. This work out was about a 16 minute routine. Thank GoD!

Weighed in and I am NOT pleased! Looks like the junk that I ate over the weekend is just sitting there. :/ Hopefully I will be more mindful of what I take in next weekend, fight on or not... football game on or not... Lol...

Tally thus far... 3/3! Hard time with the first three work outs last week and got thru three pretty well... lets see what THIS week brings.

Any one having trouble staying on track??? What helps you get motivated on a tough day?


Cristy said...

well, i kinda stuck to my diet today so i guess thats good. i had an eggwhite turkey sausage wrap and a small latte for breakfast, a turkey croissant with fruit instead of fries and a bowl of special K for dinner...mmmmm!
i made it to the gym and did a 1/2 hr of step and a 1/2 hr of sculpt.
i am struggling to reach my goals of losing 10 lbs by january..it doesnt look like its gonna happen. im not dedicating enough time to the gym... i was most successful when i was working out 5-6xweek and right now i cant seem to make it more the 2-3xweek. ugh.
my goals are the same as yours...stick to the diet no matter what game is on or what function im at. and to make it to the gym more often while making better food choices...god help us!!

Connie said...

Cristy!! Welcome aboard! Lol... Good for you! Being more mindful of what you eat on a constant basis is like gold to get to where you want to be. Let me just tell you... I think that if you go ahead and take in 6/8 servings of water a day from now until Jan. 1st.... You'll make that goal a reality! Now, look at it this way, you only have 3 more 'full' weeks to go... Kick it into high gear! Hit that gym hard! At least 4x a week!! You're at the home stretch!! Hope you end up happy with what you DO lose... After all, you're really just getting warmed up for the resolution to come... Lol....
p.s. Make as many of those water helpings HoT water and you'll thank yourself. ;)