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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Truth is, being on Social Media is not about 'portraying' a perfect life... It's about inspiring others to always find the beauty in their lives.

I believe that there is great strength in finding the ability to live life with ALL it has to offer, good and bad. 

No one person is perfect. 
No one life has it all. 

However, having said that; when you can look at your own present life, relationships and past mistakes; 
except them for what they are, what came from them and work daily to embrace the true value of a moment in time... 

Something almost enchanting occurs. 

Your life begins to take shape of what others wrongfully interpret as 'seemingly' perfect. When the reality is that nothing can be further from the truth. 

When I have taken notice of this perplexing outlook that others seem to have, it bothers me. 
I know that it shouldn't. 
I know that for the most part, what others think shouldn't take up any of my time or energy. 

The truth is though, I am just wired to want to help others view things without human natures judgemental instinct. 
(( I wasn't always quite so intuned... Trust me. 👀👀👀 ))

So, if you have a contact/friend on SocialMedia that you feel puts out such a 'perfect' picture of their whoopteedo life; 
you might want to reconsider your perspective. 

Maybe even be thankful that they are not bringing their everyday drama into your SM World. 
I assure you. They have bad moments, bad days and rough patches in their lives too. They just don't surround themselves or others with all the negativity or stress. 

With these thoughts and these empowering words (adapted from "The Secret") 
I bid you all an excellent hump day... ☺️

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