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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Why you should never... Never throw in the towel.

You may or may not know... I'm no spring chicken. Lol ...and there have been so many ups and downs in my life with weight and fitness level that this blog would have to become a book to go over all of them. 

The reality remains that people seem to always view me as a health fanatic. Everyone thinks that I don't eat junk or over eat when I fuel. 
...nothing can be further from the truth!! 

Here is where "Never throwing in that towel" comes into play. 

The difference between me and many other people is that I've made myself addicted to wanting more out of myself. 

No matter how bad my fitness level gets or how much extra weight I've carried throughout my lifetime... I always get back at it. ((I'm not saying that it's easy))

I'm just saying that YOU ARE WORTH IT. 
Being more mindful of what you allow your body to consume. Getting yourself back to the gym or on those walks outside. EVERY and ANY effort put forth is worth it. Even when things don't happen over night! ((Because I ASSURE you, they won't))

Your fitness level and body weight ((most of the time)) are a direct product of a 'lifetime' of habits. Not a product of an empowered moment in time. 
So cut yourself some slack and make your expectations realistic ones. 

But rest assured; you ALWAYS HAVE to be proud of each one of those empowered moments! ...for without those sparks of motivation, lifelong momentum can NEVER happen. 

((The initial spark HAS to exist before a roaring flame can exist.))

So good morning to you all!! And with this #rawtruth I leave you today. 

Get motivated to find your strongest, healthiest, happiest YOU. Stay the course and NEVER throw in the towel. After all, the best destinations reached come with moments of recharging to reenergize and refocus! 😎

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