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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Post-Op Recovery beginning Week II

Although this may sound cheesy. The words ring strong and true. 

Saw my Ortho today and I no longer have my cast! It's only been 1 week and 3 days since my Achilles has been repaired. I'm not going to lie... That place is amazing! They saw me twice since the procedure and changed my cast both times. Sooooo comforting! 
However, today I was allowed back into my boot. 
This means that I get to (gently) flex at the ankle now a few times a day and wiggle my toes ALL day long!
The incicion gets to breath a little at night too!!  ...as well as the rest of my scrawny leg. O_o

Thing is, as I've said before; this whole ordeal with staying off my feet all day and depending on others for pretty much everything from getting all essentials to my side morning, noon and night to driving me around and fixing my meals for me is beyond disheartening. 

I've done alright at ignoring my true inner frustrations but now it's time to 'change' my TRUE inner thoughts. 

I have to believe that everyday I AM getting stronger BECAUSE I am respecting the miracle that is the human body and it's astounding capability to heal itself! By (for now... A long now) doing pretty much nothing for others on a day to day basis and accepting others to do for me. It's been hard but as my loving family and friends have reassured me, it'll just keep getting better. A little slowly at the start but moving forward every day. 

In light of this long recovery spam, I will be posting some interesting reads that I've stumbled upon during this extended time of rNr... Hope that you wonderful bloggers enjoy them as much as I did. 

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