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Monday, August 25, 2014

4 weeks post op... 24 to go!


Finally. Surgery was four weeks ago on that 'fluke' Achilles rupture. Cast came off at week two. Sutures out at week three and 1/2. And today, I get to 'walk' ((in the boot only)) to get dressed, get to the bathroom and around the house a little! 

This last month has taken it's toll on my anxiety and mood. It's been rough on all of my kiddos and my husband because apparently, filling in the gaps on THIS team member isn't very simple. >_<
(Maybe next time they are in ear shot of someone asking 'what the heck I do all day,' they'll  punch them in the throat!) lol

Anyway, I stayed up (more than) half the night trying to figure out how to get my mood under control and I came up with two things: 

1) I worked out... Mostly on my back with crunches, leg lifts, air bicycle parallel to the ground and some modified push ups. MAN IT FELT GOOD TO WORK UP THAT SWEAT!! (First accountability shot since the rupture on the 21st of July! Just four days short on a month to getting back to 'ME') 
2) I've been so diligent on sleeping in as late as possible and consuming ONLY the THREE ESSENTIALS TO HEAL, Opc3, Bromelain Plus and Vitamin D with the occasional Multivitamin; that I have neglected to take in my 'other' essentials such as the ACTIVATED VITAMIN B COMPLEX, CALCIUM and MAGNESIUM!!! ...it's no wonder my mood and anxiety have been in disarray!

The occasional set backs of pain, discomfort and weight barring when I lose my balance are all present and accounted for. But I'm only human and I am brand new at learning to cope with all of the above. As well as having been put out of full commission for so long and having to depend on those who have ALWAYS depended on me, as the icing on the cake. :/ 

Good thing is that now that the last three of my musketeers are starting school ALL DAY on Wed, I HAVE to start dragging myself out of bed with purpose and determination. 

So there's the skinny on my journey to recovery! I hope that something in this piece put a smile on your face, a chuckle in your throat or ignites a little desire to chase down whatever little/big obstacle you may have thought daunting. Because with the right attitude, NOTHING can bring you down. 

Happy Monday! 

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